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Rhythm Games Star Studio

After years of overseas training, we have accumulated rich experience in overseas games and have successfully helped a large number of small and medium game developers to successfully go overseas.

At the 2020 Singapore Game Industry Annual Conference, a surprising number was revealed. According to the "2020 Singapore Game Industry Report" officially released at the meeting, in 2020, the scale of "games going overseas" will be further expanded, and the actual sales revenue of self-developed games in overseas markets will reach US$15.45 billion, a year-on-year increase of 33.25%, and the growth rate has increased by 12.3 points year-on-year. percentage point.


Professional product design

High-quality product creativity and design determine the future direction of the game.

Perfect product process

The perfect product process ensures product quality and progress, and realizes product benefits in the shortest time.

Rich delivery experience

The realization of purchase volume is the main direction of future products, and good delivery determines the volume of products.

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If you are going to go to sea, if you encounter problems when going to sea, and if you want your products to be further improved, please contact us. Leave your email information and we will contact you as soon as possible.